Free trial FAQs


Who can join the free trial? 

Free trials are for new members only. If you've had an account in the past, you can give us a call and get it re-activated.


How does your free trial work?

We give you 3 free months of membership to try out the service (usually 5€ a month). During this period standard driving rates apply.

The trial is not valid for accounts with an already discounted rate plan (for example you get a discount from your employer) and you can't combine the free trial with any other joining offers.

The trial doesn't apply to business accounts. If you would like to try out Zipcar for Business, get in touch with our dedicated business team! 


What will happen after the free trial?

To keep everything running smoothly and you driving, at the end of the 3 months you will automatically be move onto our [insert plan names], which is only 5€ a month. Your driving rates will stay exactly the same on this plan. 


Can I use the refer a friend scheme whilst using the trial?

Absolutley! You can refer your friends as much as you like, but to enjoy the driving credit reward your friend will need to sign up to one of our paid plans, you won't get the reward if they join the free trial.


How can I find out when my trial ends?

Your trial ends 3 months after joining Zipcar. If your not sure of the date you've joined, pop us an email at to get confirmation.


Can I add a partner to my free trial account?

Sure thing, you can add a partner to your account during the free trial for absoulutly nothing! At the end of the trial your partner will also be moved onto the standard plan charged at half the normal rate.


Can I cancel my free trial before the end of the 3months?

If you wish to cancel your Zipcar membership before the end of the 3months please give us a call and we'll help you out.


What plans are available to me after my free trial?


-- Zipcar Light --

Not sure how often you'll drive? Still want access just in case?

Enjoy the lowest membership rate we have for just 1€ a month!

It's the perfect plan for those who aren't quite sure how much they'll drive just yet.

You'll still have access to all our cars and vans, wherever and whenever you need. 

Drive from 7€ per hour and 70€ per day


-- Zipcar Smart  --

Drive more than 2 hours a month? You can start saving on the Smart plan.

Pay slightly more each month, but enjoy lower driving rates accross all vehicles with no annual commitment!

It's a monthly cost of just 5€ and enjoy your drive from 5€/hour and 50€/day (any 24 hour period).


-- Zipcar Plus  --

The Plus plan is our top level plan with a higher monthly fee but you are rewarded with incredible driving rates.

This plan is perfect for any of those who drive more than 10 hours each month.

15€ per month, drive from 3.75€ per hour and 37.50€ per day



Tiered membership faq



How will I be charged my membership fee?

We will continue to bill your Payment Method on a monthly basis for your membership fee until you cancel.


Can I change my plan?

Of course you can! You'll be able to upgrade your plan at any time by simply logging into your account.


How many times can I change my rate plan

Because we know how you'll use zipcar will change overtime you'll be able to switch between our monthly plans, but only a limited number of times each year.

Members can trade up on to Mid or High plans as many times as they like.

However they are only allowed to trade down ONCE a year. 


After I switch plans when will my new membership fee and driving rates apply?

When moving to a new monthly plan, changes won’t take effect until your next monthly billing date. Future reservations will be billed based on your plan at the time the reservation takes place. 


When can I cancel my monthly membership?

You have cancel your membership at any time. Access to the Zipcar service will continue until end of monthly billing period. We won’t be able to give refunds for any partial-month membership periods.

If you chose to leave the service and then re-join you will need to pay a 15 € application fee. Just remember instead of leaving outright you can keep your membership alive by just switching to Zipcar Light. Have access to our cars whenever you need – without the hassle of having to rejoin. 

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