les avantages de l’abonnement

Avec votre Zipcarte, vous pourrez non seulement ouvrir votre voiture, mais aussi profiter de réductions partout où vous irez.

Portland Les avantages de l’abonnement

Portland Rescue Mission Zipcar

Portland Rescue Mission

Donations = Driving Credit


Zipcar is an intimate part of Portland life, which is why we actively work to support the things that make our city great. We've partnered to support the work of Portland Rescue Mission with free driving credit for Zipsters. 

site Internet Zipcar

Visit www.zipcar.com/portland_rescue_mission for instructions to redeem your credit.

  • $10 credit if you drive a Zipcar to donate physical goods
  • $20 credit if you use a Zipcar to donate your time as a volunteer
  • Free lifetime membership if you donate a personal vehicle to Drive Away Hunger program
budget logo

budget® car rental

up to 25% off and more!


Grab a Zipcar for cross-town but for cross-country, Budget® has got your back. Zipcar members can save up to 25% with Budget®, plus get free upgrades and up to $25 off your next rental (you can even combine discounts).

Snag these deals at budget.com/zipcar.



Discounted FoundersCard Membership


We would like to introduce you to FoundersCard.  FoundersCard is a community of more than 20,000 movers, shakers and business owners who enjoy access to exclusive offers from the best brands in travel, business and lifestyle. Zipcar members save over 33% off the annual membership rate. 

site Internet Zipcar

Visit the link to sign up. 

avis logo

avis® car rental

up to 25% off and more!


You can get pretty far on 180 miles/day, but for those longer haul adventures, we scored you a sweet deal with Avis®. Zipcar members can save up to 25%, plus get free upgrades and up to $25 off your next rental (you can even combine discounts).

Snag these deals at avis.com/zipcar.

budget truck logo

budget® truck rental

up to 25% off


Moving? Pack up and save up to 25% off a Budget Truck rental. And make the move to your next home a smooth ride with:

  • Reliable, easy-to-drive trucks
  • Variety of truck sizes up to 26'
  • 24/7 roadside assistance

Find your truck at budgettruck.com/zipcar

Zipcar Portland Oregon State Park Passes

Oregon State Parks

Park Passes in Zipcars


Zipcar has exclusively partnered with the Oregon State Parks Foundation to offer Portland Zipsters 75+ adventure-ready Zipcars with a Park PassEnjoy these all-access park passes on vehicles ready for weekend zipping including AWD, higher-clearance, and roof-racked vehicles perfect for getting you and your crew out of the city for a day or more. Enjoy this Zipster-only perk? Tweet @Zipcar a pic of the fun!

site Internet Zipcar

Look for vehicle names to include "Oregon Park Pass" in their title when booking a vehicle.


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